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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Unique and Useful Ideas for File Folders

File folders do not have to be just boring simple pieces of paper. If you want your office file folders to look better and even go hi-tech, there are a few unique and useful ideas out there that you can use for your own office folders printing.

Over the Internet, we have discovered several cool ideas that people have done for their own office file folders. Try to browse some of them below and see if there are nice and unique ideas that you may want to integrate in your own folders printing for the office.

Pre-set holes If most of your paperwork has a common element to them, such as a repeating central logo, or even a standard colorful letterhead you can have your folders printed with pre-set holes in them to emphasize these common design elements. This not only saves you money in folder printing, it also uses your own paper work as an addition to the actual poster design.

In some situations, this can be useful especially if the project logos and letterheads quickly change while the actual folder details can remain the same. Therefore, if you have these repeating and constantly changing designs it may be good to think if cutting pre-set holes to reveal common paperwork elements can work for you.

Color and text marked file folders In addition, some people have actually customized all their file folders with specific colors and text marks. This is a nice customization idea for the office that can really help with the organization of all your paper work. You can have color file folders printed that are assigned to specific kinds of paper work like archives, reports, profiles, application forms, etc. etc. The colors can act as a quick identification tool which lets you identify which group of paper work is which with only a glance at the file folder's dominant color. You can also use large text designs for this same effect as well.

Folders with bar codes Bar codes are? another good element that you can integrate into the design of your file folders. This is especially significant if you have large amounts of paper work that need to be organized into lots of groups and folders. Instead of doing everything by hand, you can organize all your paperwork by putting them in a certain file folder, and assigning the bar code data in the folder into a database.

In this way, you can keep track of what folder and information is coming in and out of your filing cabinets by just scanning the bar code with the laser scanner. For large amounts of paperwork transfers, this can be a nice and quick way to organize and track everything that comes in and out. Bar codes can easily be integrated into your folders just by adding them as an image to your file folder design.

RFID folders Lastly, with advances in modern technology, you can also have folders with RFID tags. RFID stands for "Radio Frequency Identification". This is the newest and fastest way to organize and detect things after the use of bar codes. By inserting a small radio frequency device to papers or folders, RF scanners can immediately track its identification as it passes through them. If that ID is identified in a database, you can immediately see what that paper or folder contains without even glancing at it.

This speeds up the organization of paperwork and folders significantly making it the fastest way to organize them to date, short of digitizing all the data. Some file folder printers can already integrate these RFID tags unto their file folder printing process. Barring that, you can actually use RFID stickers in your file folders to enable them to be scanned.

Therefore, those are just a few of the great ideas out there for office file folders. Some of them can really be quite useful especially for offices with lots of paperwork to manage. Thus, the next you get file folder printing done, try to see if you can integrate these ideas in your overall template design. It might be well worth it in terms of benefits.

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