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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Online Money Making Opportunities

Online money making opportunities have grown in our rapidly expanding, technologically advanced age. Once upon a time the way to profit from online money making was to create your own website, have products to sell and quite possibly have completed courses in marketing techniques. All this has changed and almost any person is able to profit in some way via the Internet. In our current society it seems that people will pay almost anyone for anything. You can make money by selling your knowledge.

Unfortunately, the volume of online money making websites is astronomical and it is very difficult to sift through the exaggerated promises to find the real opportunities. Quite often these sites are simply advertising a product in order to finance their own online money making businesses. This is useful as it gives the reader some ideas on what they could do online. However, there are a variety of methods that do not require you to spend any money at all. These online money making options do not need personal web domains or web pages, are not limited to internet marketing and affiliate programs and are have a good rate of pay in relation to the time put into doing the job.

One possibility is actually helping numerous people. There are sites that are looking for employee referrals. Your role would be to hook up your friends and associates with job possibilities. In the current financial crisis, there are bound to be people looking for jobs. If you can match an employee with an employer, you could get paid anywhere between $50 and a few thousand dollars. This would probably not be your full time job, but it certainly would make some nice pocket money. Really, you couldn’t find an easier way to make money!

Another method of online money making is via referral fees. This practice is very common is real world businesses, but has only recently begun in cyberspace. It is also quite simple. Online entrepreneurs pay you to refer customers to them. Once the business deal is complete, the referee is paid a referral fee. The amount depends entirely on the company and the product.

Are you an accomplished writer? If so, you can get paid good money for writing articles and blog posts. People will pay for writing on almost any topic as long as it is written well. An average writer can make up to $200 for a piece of writing. Some accomplished writers, if they’re lucky, can make more than that. Part time bloggers get paid either by entry or through a contractual agreement.

If you are interested in starting your own blog there are sites to make the job easier. One such site is called ‘Blogger’. Not only will this program all you to set up your blog with ease, it will also set your blog up with Google Adsense advertisements. Using this and some sort of affiliate advertising you can make a comfortable income, but it does take time and commitment. You must choose a topic of interest to yourself and your intended audience. The writing must be well structured and meaningful. A blog’s success does rely on advertising, so remember to tell all your friends. Word of mouth is one good way of advertising.

Are you interested in photography? If so, there is yet another online money making opportunity that is perfect for you. People everywhere are searching the Internet everyday for photos of all types. They need them for catalogues, brochures, websites and other informational purposes. The photos that you have taken can be posted on a website for people to view and purchase. Just make sure you don’t include people’s faces or copyright material without the necessary legal requirements! Some photographic advertising sites include ‘shutterstock’ and ‘fotolia’. These are very user friendly and won’t take up too much of your valuable time.


Danny99 said...


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Blogger said...

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