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Sunday, 21 June 2009

How Do You Niche Market Effectively?

Every business owner and marketer knows that marketing is necessary for a business to be able to achieve success. In order for you to grow and keep your business going despite the hard times we are facing today, you need to continue marketing even when everybody has curbed their spending activities.

This is where niche marketing can help you market effectively. Niche marketing allows you to get the most out for your hard-earned cash and lets you to achieve the results you expect for your business.

So what is niche marketing really? Niche marketing is not about appealing to everyone, although that would definitely be great to your profits. It is not also providing your target clients with the same things that your competitors are offering. In addition, it is definitely not about doing the same things to help you keep up with the Kardashians. It is exactly the opposite of all these. Niche marketing is about you being distinct and standing out from the rest. It is about pulling all your time, energy and resources together, and then putting all of them in one big pot – your own brand of business offering. In a nutshell, niche marketing is offering your target market with the best of what you have.

Be it catalog printing, custom flyers, color hang tags or cheap catalogs, the essence of niche marketing in your marketing campaign is to set you apart from the rest of your competition. It is conveying a message in your catalog printing for example that you offer the best there is in the market so that whenever your target clients have a need for your type of service, they turn to you without even batting an eyelash.

The next question now is how do you niche market effectively? Remember the three W's – Who, Where and How.

Who – Who are the group of customers that can bring you definite results when you market your products and services? Whom would you want to work with? Who would best benefit from your products and services? Who goes back to your company every time for repeat business? Who provides you with referrals and work as your word-of-mouth advertisers? The first thing you need to know is ‘who' are the people that you can rely on to need your type of service or product, and who actually have the capability to purchase from you.

Where – Where do you look for the groups that you have identified? Where can you place them in terms of their common demographics? Where do you find your past clients and referrals? What about your loyal fans?

How – How will you reach your target market? How will you spend your time, energy and resources to get these groups aware of your business?

Remember – to effectively market your business you have to find your niche. Do not be tempted to try to have everybody interested in what you have to offer because it just does not work that way. Instead, concentrate on who really are in needs your brand of service and you will more than likely catch as many customers to your business.

Katie Marcus writes about cheap catalogs or catalog printing.

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Pirlo said...


It is an informative post on Niche market.

A niche market caters to a very specific group of people who have very specific needs. Your best bet will be to train your energies on something that is familiar to you or something that you are interested in. This will help you to produce a quality website and a quality marketplace for your customers. By becoming one of the many niche marketers who are already on the Internet, you can create a market for yourself and begin making money quickly.