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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Getting Website Traffic

The whole idea of starting your own home business online can really get any average computer user that is tired of the everyday job excited. With the easy steps that laid out for just about anyone to comprehend with or without marketing experience, setting up an online home business is quick and fun to do.

Once everything is all set up including the website, the real challenge begins and this could discourage some people that have high hopes in making their own residual income online. The challenge that many Internet marketers face both new and old is getting traffic to their website. Fortunately there are plenty of ways that will be listed below to get website traffic and the main tricks in getting everything to work are consistency in spreading your link and patience as results do not turn in the next day.

Classified Ad Posting

Posting in classified ad sites is the easiest method in spreading your website link around to gain additional traffic. There are hundreds of classified ad sites and the idea is to make sure you have a few ads in each site. Even if the site seems inactive, the most important thing about classified ad posting is for your site to be indexed more often in Google and get more backlinks. For your classified ad posts to last longer, make sure each of your headers are different from one another. Some sites allow you to put banner ads to make your site more attractive too.

Forum Posting

Forum posting takes a bit more effort than classified ad posting, but the traffic generation benefits are far greater and it also boosts your popularity which could be very useful in the long run. For best results, choose a forum that you think a majority of the members will visit your website once they see your link or banner. Then read the forum rules and check out their advertising policies to make sure you can advertise there.

After that, you can freely register and fill up all the fields in your profile so you have a chance of getting traffic when people put your profile. The most important part of your profile is your signature field. Place your website there or banner ad if allowed and link to your site. From there, participate in discussions and try to scatter your posts around the different sections without making it too obvious that you are just there to advertise. Posting direct advertisements never work out well until forum members get to know you more. Introduce yourself and find great discussions to participate in. Your signature will follow you around so the more you post, the more chances of getting traffic.

Social Networking

If you are fond of keeping in touch with friends through various social networking sites, you will enjoy marketing your website across these networks too. Familiarize yourself with the other features and try to spread your link across groups and other friends without looking like a spammer. You can share your link with your friends first since those are the first people in mind to trust you.

There are many other good methods of getting website traffic like blogging and article writing. Choose the method that is most convenient to you, although it is better to try them all out for maximum traffic generation.

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