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Thursday, 12 March 2009


If you have talked to any webmaster, his primary goal will be to increase the traffic on his website. The process of improving traffic and volume to website from the search engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The history of SEO begins in the mid 90s when the search engines started cataloging websites and web pages. Site owners were quick to recognize the advantages and benefits of their sites being highly ranked.

There are different ways and techniques a webmaster can use to upgrade the ranking of his website.

1. The first and golden rule for Search Engine Optimization is to fully optimize your website for the web Search Engines.
The use of a carefully researched key phrase or term will lead people to your website.

2. Make the Content your Focus.
Do not try to fill too many different topics in just one page. Concentrate only on a few topics per page using a keyword rich content.

3. Make use of the Text Links instead of fancy menus.
Search Engines usually find text links easily. Also include a site map with your website. This will make your website navigation easy for the web surfer and will increase your ranking.

4. Resource Page of links should be included in the website.
This will ensure people to easily connect to your website.

5. One of the determining factors for page ranking is link popularity.
It is the single biggest factor by which Google determines that what websites are indexed is the number of websites linking to a particular webpage. Exchanging links with the other websites is also a sure way of increasing traffic to your website.

6. Do not try to make your web page too much resource heavy.
This can lead users from avoiding your website, thus decreasing web traffic.

7. The usage of an image or banner links is not the best way to increase web page ranking.
This is because the search engine cannot see pictures. Therefore they are not a very useful link until and unless someone clicks on them.

8. Search Engines looks for keywords which are requested by web surfers looking for information.
The greater the probability that your website is the exact or correct match, the higher the ranking of your website can be. Similarly more times you carefully select keywords, the higher will be your web traffic.

9. Adding Anchor texts is a better way of describing and explaining your linked text. Search Engines usually give more preference to this type of links.

10. If you want to achieve high traffic then you will have to make your site exemplary.
Use a method of navigation which is consistent. Implementing all of the mentioned techniques will increase chances that the search engines indexes all of your website pages.

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