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Sunday, 22 February 2009

4 Ways to Make Money as a Travel Writer

Have you ever wanted to travel the world and make money for writing about what you see? It’s not as hard as you may imagine. Using a few underground techniques, you can be making a healthy income in no-time flat for writing about traveling the world!

Here are the ways you can make money as a travel writer:

1) Traditional Method: Selling Your Stories To Travel Magazines and Newspapers.

This is the most common and most well-known method. Ironically, it also pays the least of all the methods.

You can take two paths when selling your article to a magazine. First you can query a magazine on their interest about a particular subject. If interested, they will agree to buy your article if it meets their standards. The second method is to write the article, then try and sell it.

To find magazines and periodicals that purchase travel stories, go to the library and check out the most recent Writers Market and you’ll have over a dozen periodicals that pay anywhere from a few hundred bucks to a few thousand dollars for an article.

The risky side to this is that there are no guarantees of payment, and you must either have a great story or be a great writer to make this work. Not impossible, just tough.

2) Writing For Other People’s Blogs.

If you can write a 400-1500 word post on any given subject, you can sell the post to a blog at a set price. Heres why: Blogs constantly need new content. It’s how they stay fresh with their readers and how they stay well-ranked in the search engines.

However, writing a new post every few days is a difficult task! If you take over that task for a blog owner, you’re going to be saving them a TON of time and effort, providing their readers with great value, and making an income for a project that is relatively easy for you to complete.

You can get paid anywhere from 20 bucks to a few hundred dollars for this kind of writing… and it’s a LOT easier to do that writing for a magazine.

Think of it: You spend a day writing 5 articles and sell the articles for $30 dollars each. Now you’ve made $150 dollars for a couple of hours of work and everyone is happy.

3) Writing for Your Own Blog.

Another option is to write your own blog and use your travel stories to drive traffic to it. You’d be surprised at the number of bored, lifeless people who want to live vicariously through someone traveling the world. You can then monetize your blog by selling adspace or selling products related to your blog. This sounds basic, but it has made many-a-traveler tens and even 100’s of thousands of dollars per year.

4) Completing Writing Projects on ‘Project’ Sites.

There are literally hundreds of writing projects posted every single day on Elance, Guru, DoMyStuff, and other ‘project’ posting websites.

All you have to do is set up a free account as a content provider, then answer people’s requests for writing projects. Once you’re done, the funds will be electronically deposited into your bank account, and you can withdraw the money from any ATM in the world. You can then pick up another project… or complete several projects all at once!

Many projects go for $1000+ dollars, so it doesn’t take a lot of these to be able to travel well and travel often. You can even do the work on the airplane ride to your next destination!

If you have any writing skill at all, you will be able to pick one of these meth

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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

5 Easy Steps to Posting Your First Ebay Auction for Profits

It's amazingly easy to get started posting your very first sale on eBay. Here's what you need to do in succeeding on your Ebay business.

Step 1: Open an eBay seller's account

If you've buy items on eBay, then you already have an account - just log in With it and click 'Sell' in the toolbar at the top of the page, then click 'Create a Seller’s account'. If you've by no means used eBay store before, then you'll require opening an account first using the 'register' link bottom the toolbar, and then click 'Sell' and 'Create a seller's account'. The eBay site will then guide you through the process. For precautions, this may entail giving card details and bank information.

Step 2: Decide what to sell.

To make money on Ebay, your first modest trial with eBay auctions, it doesn't actually matter what you sell. Take a look around the room you're in - I'm sure there's something in there that you're not all that fond of and could put in the post. Small books and CDs are ideal first items.

Step 3: Submit your item.

Click 'Sell', and you're on your way to register your item. The first thing you need to do is choose a group - it's best to just type in what the item is and let eBay auctions choose for you. Next, write a title and description. Include key words you think people will search for in the title box, and all the Information you have about the item in the description box.

Now set a starting price. $10 is the best starting price, as it draws people in to bid who otherwise wouldn't, and items will almost never stop at such a low Price. The next thing to set is the duration of the auction: 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. This is up to you: longer sales will usually get more bids, but will also seem to drag on forever.

If you've taken a picture, add it now - items with pictures always sell for more. Finally, tick the payment methods you will accept (just PayPal is best for now), and where you will post to (limit yourself to your own country to begin with). Submit and you're done!

Step 4: Wait for it to sell.

This is just a matter of sitting back and letting eBay do its thing - buyers will find Your item and leave bids on it. Some bidders might email you with questions About the item, and you should do your best to answer these questions as quickly as you can. Remember that if your item doesn't sell then you can list it again for free.

Step 5: Collect payment and post it.

EBay will send your buyer emails guide them through the procedure of sending you Payment for the item. Make sure you have the money before you send anything. Once you've got the payment, all you need to do is pack the item for posting (make sure to use some bubble wrap), take the buyer's address from the

Confirmation email eBay sent you, and write it on the package. Put some stamps on, post it and you're done. you can also find more information on ebay for dummies.

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Would you like to earn extra cash for reviewing products you normally use? Below are a few online companies that pay for reviews. The article also includes other ways to make money reviewing products or services.

ReviewStream.com pays $1.50 per review accepted. If the review does not meet their criteria, you can choose to earn the bulk rate or the regular rate divided by 5. They accept reviews on anything including airlines, electronics, hotels, and websites. Reviews accepted by ReviewStream may not be published elsewhere. You also earn money if readers vote for your review. The minimum payout is $50.

ReviewParty.com is review site where you can earn money from Amazon or Adsense (Google Ads). You earn commission if readers purchase the product you reviewed through Amazon. You also earn revenue if people click on the Adsense ads on the page of your reviews.

SoftwareJudge.com pays you to review the software found on their site. They pay up to $50 depending on how great the review is. The minimum amount you can earn per review is $1. The reviews must be original and don’t have to be positive. The best contributors receive free stuff. The minimum payout is $200.

AllReaders.com and AllWatchers.com pay up to $5 for book and movie reviews. They pay 5 cents if someone has already reviewed the book or movie, $1 - $2 if the review is somewhat detailed, and $5 if the review is really detailed. AllReaders.com currently doesn’t accept reviews of horror stories, short stories, children’s books, e-books, books without a central plot, or books under 200 pages in length. AllWatchers.com currently doesn’t accept reviews of horror movies, Indian films, remakes of the same name, or straight to TV movies. Reviewers can only earn a maximum of $1000 and the minimum payout is $50.

ExpoTV.com pays for video reviews (videopinions). You earn $0.01 each time your video is played. ExpoTV also runs promotions where you can earn even more money. With the current promotion, reviewers are paid $5 per review (up to 50). ExpoTV also accepts video reviews of recent movies and pays $5 per published review. For a limited time, ExpoTV is paying $10 when you refer a friend and one of their videopinions gets accepted and published. They pay once a month through Paypal.

Bzzagent.com gives members (agents) free products and services and pays them to share their opinions with family, friends, on their blog, on forums, etc. Agents don’t get paid but keep the products they reviewed. They also receive special offers and discounts for themselves and their friends.

AssociatedContent.com pays $3 – $20 for reviews and articles. Epinions.com is a site where reviewers are paid based on the amount of views they receive. If you own a blog that has been active for at least 3 months, you can earn extra cash by reviewing products and services within blog posts. Companies like payperpost.com, smorty.com, blogitive.com and blogsvertise.com pay you a fixed amount of money to discuss or mention advertiser products within your blog.

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Sunday, 15 February 2009

There are Real Ways to Make Money Online

Many people hear about thousands who have learned how to make money online and want to know how they managed to do so. It is no wonder that you want to know as well, because who would not want to be working from home in whatever climate they enjoyed at will. While there are many scams out there that claim you can make money online, there are some true ways to make money online if you have the will, determination, and a strong work ethic. There is no easy effortless way to make money online, but there are ways you can start working from home and enjoy a comfortable side income, or even more depending on your time frame.

One of the top ways that people make money online is by selling ad space on popular websites. The very first thing you will have to do in order to make money online is develop a popular website that enjoys a great deal of traffic. Most ad space is paid for more generously when there are many visits, because this of course guarantees high exposure time. Thus, you will have to build a web page that contains information that people are drawn to and want. After you get a content idea, you will have to make the website approachable.

This means in order to make money online you have to think of an idea that attracts people and then create a brilliant web design for it so that visitors come back. If you want to start working from home permanently you will need to make a decent amount of money, so you need to fine tune your website to function brilliantly so you can get many visitors. Many people employ SEO tactics to do this and make online, called Search engine optimization.

There are many ways while working from home to make your website attractive, which include keyword writing, and keyword headings. You also might consider using backlinks placed around the web to encourage visitors to your webpage and help you get a higher ranking on search engines. If you can create a brilliant website you will start to make money online and can achieve your dream of working from home.

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Monday, 9 February 2009


Have a blog with high traffic is the desire for the blog owner. Bloggers especially for those who seek income through blogs, such as paid reviews, pay per click and others. For those of you who seek income through paid reviews. many of you have noticed, such as PAGE RANK, Traffic, and Alexa RANK. Special to alexa rank, I will give specific tips that alexa rank increased with sharp, so you sign up with an easy and fast paid review get job.
Tips to increase alexa rank
1.install Alexa widget
2.Install Alexa toolbar in your browser
3.Make your blog as the default homepage, either in the desktop browser or Firefox or IE
4. Create a post about Alexa, for example, about how to improve their Alexa ranking. This will bring in visitors, including those who already install Alexa widget on their blog
5. Optimize most popular post, post links Alexa (eg graphic blog about you) in the
bottom of the post

After you do all the steps above, often to visit the blog and give comments, so many comments also diblog you, this will increase the alexa rank very quickly. And do not forget to continue with the backlink exchange links with fellow bloggers, especially, which have PR on our blog. and wait about 3 weeks then you alexa will increase sharply.

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